Golfing tips for club selection

If you are new to the game of golf, mastering which club to use for which shot can be a little confusing. With the choice of fourteen clubs to use there will be some shots which need to be hit with one particular club for the best result whereas there will be some that can […]

Golf etiquette on the green

Golf has always been considered as a sport of the gentlemen and ladies and therefore etiquette forms an integral part of the game. Learning proper etiquette will earn you the respect from fellow golfers and that will make you more comfortable and will enable you to enjoy the game. These are some of the basic […]

Preventing golf injuries

Not many people would associate injuries with a low impact game like golf, but there are over 50,000 patients visiting the Emergency Room each year due to injuries to the elbow, ankle, wrist, spine and knees sustained while playing golf. What steps can you take to prevent these injuries? Golfer’s elbow This is the leading […]

Health benefits of playing golf

Playing golf on a regular basis can give you many health benefits both mental and physical. The main benefit of golf is the walking that it involves. A round of golf lasting up to 4 hours would mean that you are walking well over 4 Km in fresh air. This is a good cardiovascular workout, […]


Golf great and 5 time major champion Seve Ballesteros died in the early hours of Saturday at his home in northern Spain following complications arising from brain cancer. He was 54. He was extremely popular for his flamboyance and vivid shot making and was called golf’s “cirque du soleil” by fellow golfer Nick Faldo. Born […]