Foot pain that could ruin your golf game

The three most common painful foot conditions that can ruin your golf swing include heel pain, arthritis, and pinched nerves.

Heel pain is caused by an inflammation of tissue that extends from the heel to the ball of the foot. It feels like someone jabbing your foot with a knife. It makes a golfer uncomfortable to remain in a solid stance during a golf swing.

Arthritis can cause pain in the joint of the big toe making it difficult to follow through a golf swing.

Compressed or irritated nerves could become thickened, enlarged and painful. In a golf swing you transfer body weight from one foot to the other and compressed and irritated nerves could make it painful during the swing.

Other foot conditions such as chronic ankle instability due to previous ankle sprains, motion limiting arthritis and Achilles tendonitis can impact the balance and cause pain while playing golf. Continues use of ill-fitted golf shoes could also cause corns and calluses that make standing uncomfortable.

Solutions such as inserts, exercises, change of shoes, medications, braces and steroid injections are available to treat these conditions. Consult a medical specialist before treating any of these foot conditions.