Getting into greens keeping

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The art of greens keeping is one that is learnt over a period of years. Just because someone can mow a lawn or maintain a beautiful lawn doesn’t mean that they can become a greens keeper. It is an unenviable job at times but so are most other jobs.

The job can be challenging all-round the year, purely because the weather varies all the time. Determining weather damage and rectifying it as soon as possible is one of the key factors in doing this job properly. Damage can occur due to snowing, flooding or hard frost among other things. Sometimes greens keepers can come under a lot of pressure to open up a course, but it is detrimental to the course to give in to these pressures. The damage resulting from premature green lighting a course can take a long time to rectify.

In the summertime the main problem is keeping the grass cut to the right height. In this instance, a reel mower or gang mower is used to do the job. Gang mowers are dragged behind a tractor and have several sections. Each section can be set at a different ride height enabling it to cut the rough and fairway areas in one go. These gang mowers are often sold after sometime by the club as it is cheaper to buy new blades than to sharpen them. If you have a huge lawn or grounds this might not be a bad purchase. You could also buy a used club car along with it to drive around the grounds and inspect it.