Golf etiquette on the green

Golf has always been considered as a sport of the gentlemen and ladies and therefore etiquette forms an integral part of the game. Learning proper etiquette will earn you the respect from fellow golfers and that will make you more comfortable and will enable you to enjoy the game. These are some of the basic rules:

Under no circumstances should you take your golf cart and bag to the green area.

Moving your marker

If you feel that your marker is in the line of another player’s putting line, ask them if they want the marker moved.
Repair pitch marks
Always repair any marks your ball may have left on the grass. Use your pitch repairer and putter to do this. It is etiquette repair marks left by other inconsiderate players as well.

Avoid another player’s putting line

Do this to make sure that your golfing shoes or spikes will not leave any indentations on the green which will affect the other player’s putts.

Beware of shadows

Make sure that your shadow does not fall in to another player’s ball, hole or putt line.

Be quiet

Do not break the concentration of a player who is preparing to make a shot.