New Soccer Uniforms for Arsenal

While the players make up the team, the right soccer clothes can give the fans something to rally behind.  The uniform is more than just a jersey; it is a mark of pride.  The colors unite the team and their loyal fans to their banner as the players step upon the field of battle.  Stains and rips are badges of honor on jerseys well retired.

Each team has at least two uniforms, one they wear at home and one they wear on the road.  Often stadium seats are drastically split between the colors of each team and for good reason; this is about pride.  Of course, the ultimate source of pride for a team and their fans is a victory, but the uniform provides the unique identity that speaks of the spirit of the team.  Sometimes, teams change their soccer uniforms which, if done well, can be received by the team and the fans with a renewed excitement.

Arsenal has done just that.  The team has long partnered with Nike and this past summer, they have released their brand new away kit for the 2013-2014 Premier League season.  This new look has been received with much enthusiasm from longtime fans.  Perhaps it is because this new look is a reprise of an old look.  The Gunners transitioned from the alternating shades of dark blue from the previous seasons to a very familiar and bold yellow that is reminiscent of their 1970s and 1980s away kits.

This nostalgic campaign has also changed the Emirates Stadium colors.  Gone are the deep blues and welcome the vivid yellow and blue colors of the new away kit.  Images of Theo Walcott and Jack Wilshere wearing the new colors cover the Gunner’s home stadium.  These new icons serve as symbol of the old meeting the new generation.

The shirts are bright yellow with deep blue cuffs on the sleeves and blue polo style neck collar.  The polo styled collars reflects the gamut of the London style, from fine shirts to regular urban wear.  Contrasting the yellow shirt are deep blue shorts.  Blue socks with yellow hoops connect the theme together.  The Nike’s Dri-FIT technology in the fabrication is designed to help the Arsenal players stay cool and dry.

Using the bold and bright colors of the old yellow and blue is meant to excite fans both old and new for a very promising season.


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