What to look for when buying a golf bag

If you are new to golf or just in need to replace the old golf bag, there are many new designs with the latest technology for you to choose from. Here are some tips to help you with your shopping.

What type of bag do you need?

You can choose from carry bags, cart bags and tour bags. A carry bag comes with a stand and can be kept anywhere in the golf course. The cart bag is designed to go in a golf cart and the tour bag is much bigger and used by professional golfers who need to have more clubs and accessories.

If you are looking at carry bags make sure the straps are adjustable and the bag sits on your lower back to distribute the weight.

How many dividers do you need? If you are taking more clubs to the course you will need a bag with more dividers.

How many additional pockets does the bag have? You need pockets to put in balls, golf tees, gloves wallets and phones. Go for a bag with more pockets or a few large pockets.

Choose a bag that is made of water proof material.