Teaching your kids to play golf

You have seen footage of young Tiger Wood putting with his dad. Your kids seen that too and wanted you to take them with you next time you go to play. Starting to play golf at a young age may have advantages.

What age to start? There is no magic answer. If they want to go with you, take them to the golf course. But before both of you get frustrated with one another here are some simple steps to follow.

  • Take them only when they show an interest in the game.
  • Try talking him to get a friend to go. They will enjoy more that way.
  • Don’t just take them just because. Your goal should be to get him interested in the game. Make it a fun event and an experience that he/she want to continue.
  • It may be beneficial to get some old balls and find a lake or water feature where they can hit some balls for fun.
  • Don’t try too hard.
  • Putting green may be an excellent place to start at a course. They get to play with balls.

Beside golf, it is a great way to develop bondage with your kids.