The Ryder Cup

The 39th Ryder Cup or Ryder Cup Matches are scheduled to be played on September 28 – 30, 2012 at the Medinah Country Club in Medinah, Illinois. The biennial golf game is between Europe and the U.S. The game is jointly monitored by the PGA of America and the PGA European Tour. The game is named after Samuel Ryder who donated the cup. The competition began in 1926 after an exhibition game between American professionals and a team from the Britain. The 2014 game will be held in Scotland.

Games alternate between the U.S. and Europe. It is designed as a match play competition between two players from each team of 12 players. Matches are played over 18 holes. Winner gets a point for their team while one half points shared between two players who are tied after 18 holes. A total of 28 matches will be played over the three day competition. Player selection is based on each player’s performance and a small number of players known as “wild cards” are selected by the captain. Players do not receive any prize money. However, the Ryder Cup makes money from TV rights and sponsorships. The local economy also benefits from the game.