What Are Those Odd Looking Vehicles Seen on Golf Courses?

For a golf course maintenance crew, having a club car carryall can really be a great help for performing important tasks out on the course. It’s basically the golf cart version of a truck. Some carts come with beds for crews to “carry” their hoses, shoves, flags, cups, and other golf course related tools, while others are simply made to shuttle a handful of people.

They come with a variety of seating options ranging from two to six. Most will come with a small cc engine that runs on either gas or diesel fuel, and will be capable of driving off-road.

Crews will drive these vehicles around for important maintenance on the course. The bed in the back comes in handy when they’re helping a crewmember operating a turf sprayer on the course.

Like the carryall, a turf sprayer is an off-road vehicle built specifically for areas like golf courses. A large tank of fertilizer, pesticide, and other organic chemicals used for the health of turf, will be attached at the back. The driver operating the sprayer will be able to time each spray from controls in the front. Staggering the sprays on such a large area helps make the usage of whatever is in the take more efficient. This is why when you see fertilizer after it has just been applied look like a dashed line in some cases.

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