Why Artificial Grass Is Great for Sports

Synthetic turf is a great option for sports fields for a variety of reasons.  Synthetic turf, or artificial grass, works great on all different types of sports fields including those for football, soccer, and even baseball.  Artificial grass can guarantee the safety and high performance of athletes.

While the antiquated Astroturf was often linked to sports injuries, modern turf is made much better and with higher quality materials.  Most artificial grass is now made to last anywhere from 8 to 10 years!  Today, artificial turf manufacturers know how to design the grass so that it is more similar to natural grass in both the texture and appearance.  Many of the people in the stadium will not even realize that it’s fake grass on the field!

Artificial grass is a great option for sports fields for a few reasons.  First of all, compared to natural grass, it requires significantly less maintenance.  The maintenance of the grass in a gigantic football stadium can be very costly and time consuming.  Most stadiums spend thousands of dollars every year on lawn maintenance alone.  Every sports field requires mowers and people to keep the grass looking nice.  Artificial grass will cut down on the cost and time to maintain it and keep it looking beautiful.

Going along with maintenance is the issue of foot traffic.  Sports fields undergo an extensive amount of friction and foot traffic which means that the odds are stacked against the natural grass looking nice.  Every time a football star tackles or a soccer star tumbles over the ball, real grass can get messed up and disturbed.  Artificial grass can handle the impact of these incidents much better.

Another great reason to choose artificial grass is that it can withstand all different types of weather.  Natural grass can become very dangerous in cold-weather climates such as New York and Minnesota.

Perhaps one of the best reasons to choose faux over au natural, is that many people have allergies to real grass.  Not only can players be affected during a game, but the spectators can as well.  No one wants to be running towards a goal with a runny nose!  Artificial grass eliminates the allergy factor completely.

While some teams might prefer real grass, there are some major benefits to artificial.  By choosing faux turf, you can cut down on cost, maintenance, weather-related injuries, and allergic reactions.  All the way around, artificial grass is the best option for sports fields.


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