Escaping from a sand trap

A golf course hazard filled with sand is a sand trap or sometimes called sand bunker. Hitting ball where you intend to hit and the clubhead enter the sand behind the ball creating a divot is the best bunker shot that will get you out of the trap.

  • Bunker stance is pretty much standard many say. But there is more to it. Open your stance by pulling your left foot a bit back making a position that you feel funny. This is because you keep your spine slightly tilt to the left.
  • Your sand wedge face should be looking up towards the sky. Ball should be positioned forward in your stance and towards your left heel. Even if the ball is very close to the wall of the bunker, this will work. Opening up the club face is the key to a successful bunker shot.
  • Aim to hit the ball about a credit card length behind and use only about 80 percent of a full swing. Make sure not to hit down. Your club face should throw a scoop of sand on to the green if you correctly hit the ball.
  • Ball will be carried with the sand and make sure to follow through.