Get a Great Lawn with a Sports Turf Mower

I had been jealous of my neighbor’s lawn for as long as I can remember when I found out his little secret. He used a sports turf mower with a wide mowing bed to get a nice even cut. I would have never thought of using such a machine, but I really liked his lawn. He did not seem to be spending any more time on his lawn than I did on mine, but his always looked nicer. It did take me a bit of searching to find a place to buy a turf mower, but I also found a used club car I now use for driving around our little development.

My parents have ten acres of land and were looking for a machine that would spread fertilizer and seed on it. The same place I got my turf mower, I found a turf truckster for sale. It was just what they needed and wanted. Their grass is coming in nice and even in the yard and they are very excited about it. Personally, I am having fun going out and finding the different equipment. I may not have a need for some of it, but it does look like fun. Besides, I can always use it at Dad’s.

I do have a small fenced in area for our dog that is hard to get into and mow. I found that an old reel mower does the trick quickly. I mean one of the old fashioned push ones, not one of the ones they use on golf courses. I have to admit though, having one of the big mowers could be a lot of fun to ride. Maybe I can convince Dad he needs one for the back eight acres.