Mow Pristine Lawns Quickly With Reelmaster and Jacobson

For parks and recreation areas with acres of grass fields, purchasing turf equipment like the reel master is vital to save time and money in your budget. Using a hand mower is just not a feasible solution for locations with a large expanse of grass, because manpower will cost too much if you do not have the right tools to streamline the process. For parks, overgrown grass not only looks unsightly, it poses serious safety risks to children and elderly who have difficulty walking on uneven surfaces.

In addition to regular watering and fertilizing, using a mini tractor mower will help keep up the appearance of your lawn. It reduces the amount of hours you have to pay a laborer to mow the field. It can take less than a day for one person to mow the grass on your property. Of course, this depends on how large your property is.

The Reelmaster is a revolutionary series of top quality mowers that cut down a large volume of grass all at once. The 3100 model, for example, works on all kinds of different turf. You can often include Sidewinder cutting units to increase the reach of your cutting ability. It includes a powerful Kubota 21 hp (15.7) engine designed for durability and performance. It also comes with three wheel drive traction. The unique design puts the driver in front of the motor so he or she can sit more comfortably. It also gives easier access to the engine for necessary repairs.

The Jacobsen mower also comes in different riding models for mowing efficiency. The Jacobson AR-522, for example, is ideal for golf courses, stadiums and parks. This premium model cuts at an incredible 6.8 acres per hour, essentially paying for itself in the time you save paying workers hourly. It is an improvement on the popular AR-5 model with newly engineered TrimTek cutting decks. Its close and even cut makes it perfect for golf course roughs, green and tee areas. It’s also affordable enough to use in sports parks and recreational areas. It’s downdraft blade keeps clipping suspended for a longer period of time, creating better mulch. It also offers on-demand control traction capability from the operator station. The powerful motor has more horsepower per width-of-cut than any other in its class.


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