How to Select the Right Baseball Radar Gun

A radar gun is an important piece of equipment for practicing the sport of baseball.  Quality baseball radar guns are designed to get accurate speed measurements of pitching speeds, batted ball speeds, and plate speeds. However, not all radar guns are created equal. Some are basic pocket guns; affordable and lightweight, they get the job done but might not offer all of the features and capabilities of a professional model.

Whether you’re a coach or an athletic director, it’s important to research your options in order to find the best baseball radar gun for your needs. Here’s a brief guide on how to select and purchase the right baseball radar gun for your team.

While there are many radar guns on the market today, only some models are suitable for the game of baseball. The first step towards selecting the right radar gun is to search for sports radar guns. This is because some radar guns are designed for law enforcement. Next, find a model specifically designed for the game of baseball. This might be difficult, because many radar guns are used for several sports. Read the description of the model to learn whether it can be used for baseball. You can also look for a sports radar gun with a special mode for the game of baseball. (Many advanced and more expensive models have this feature.)

Once you’re in the right department, determine how much you want to spend. If you’re a coach for an amateur baseball team or you don’t have a large budget, consider purchasing a pocket radar gun. These baseball radar guns go for about $200 to $300. However, budget is not the only reason you might want a pocket radar gun. These guns are not only affordable, but they are lightweight, compact, and very easy to use. Most pocket radar guns run on two triple A batteries and feature a hardy body ideal for outdoor use. An average pocket radar gun should be able to track speeds for baseball as well as other sports such as tennis, soccer, and NASCAR.

If you have a bigger budget or you need something more advanced, search for a professional baseball radar gun, such as the Stalker Solo 2 Radar Gun or the Phantom Sports Pro Radar Gun. These cutting-edge sports radar guns come with a wide range of features and capabilities not available with standard pocket models. For example, the Stalker Solo 2 gun comes with new software and algorithm designed specifically for the game of baseball. It also features a speed range of 5 to 600 mph. You can purchase a professional model for between $500 and $2000.


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