Titanium advantage for players

In early 2014, titanium coated golf clubs took the center stage due to many published reports including some research conducted by universities for possible fires that can be started with a spark emanating from a club. Two fires near the University of California, Irvine prompted them to investigate the matter.

Golf clubs are made from variety of materials including titanium, plastics, ceramics, wood, and composites. Different materials are used in a club to improve its strength, elasticity, formidability, impact resistance, friction, density, damping and others. Club heads for drivers including the face insert made of titanium appears to give advantage to the player when it comes to distance. They travel further compared to club heads made of other materials.

The advent of titanium clubs in 1990s helped to improve the game. Titanium is lighter but stronger and provides more elasticity to the player than other metals. This is why it is mainly used in drivers but you can see irons and shafts made of titanium too. When it comes to club heads, titanium allows manufacturers to increase the size and sweet spot without increasing the weight of the driver. Drivers made with a combination of titanium and graphite give the player speed and distance advantage over drivers made of stainless steel.